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Mental and emotional freedom and stability

Explore deeper layers of the self
Reduce negative thinking
Befriend your fear
Reduce anxiety
Get control of your emotions
Experience the power of positivity
Get excited about live
Open your heart to creativity

Hi there

My name is Ella Dekker. I am a coach, applied psychologist, support group facilitator and (stilt)performer. I studied design, applied psychology and support group facilitation. I have a huge passion for helping people finding out ways to get over their mental and emotional barriers in life.


My favorite subject is anxiety. Living with anxiety can be very difficult and demotivating. It can give you the feeling that there is no way out and that the world will never be the safe place you wish it to be, but do not fear! There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is a brighter, happier and better life for all of us.

ella dekker

Being human, we tend to label things around us. We use these labels to understand and predict the world and our experiences.


But what happens when the labels colour our lives dark and grey? When the circumstances in our lives create negative labels that make our world small and scary? How do we make sure to experience this life once again as new, whole and safe?

The first step to do this is by finding out where our minds made a mistake. Which label did you put onto the world that doesn’t match with reality or became so enlarged that it creates many unwanted emotions?

The second step is to find a way to release or ease the unwanted emotion. Can you change your emotions by changing your mind? Or do you need to fully embody the emotion first? Every person and every emotion asks for a different approach. We would love to help you in your life's process by sharing our knowledge and help you find a way to gain mental and emotional freedom and stability!

fear and panic

social anxiety

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