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Image by Drew Hays

Most people experience over the course of their lives doubts and worries about what other people think. You might wonder sometimes if you have said or done the right thing, or be preoccupied with what the other person thinks of your new hairstyle. This does not have to be a problem. 


Some people though, tend to let these questions influence a big part of their life. Social anxiety is a type of anxiety that goes hand in hand with a strong focus on the self.  You are noticing yourself more than what is perceived to be normal. You are aware of your own posture, your attitude, your words, your breath and maybe even things like excessive sweating. You think that other people have their full attention on you and every move you make. 

The most common fear of a person with social anxiety is the fear to be judged negatively. You might think that the way you move, talk or look will have a huge influence on that.


Social fear can focus on people in general, or on a specific person or specific behavior that you perceive to be negative.


In the sessions we will focus on the following subjects: 

  • Together we will search for the cause of your social anxiety; 

  • We will change the unhelpful thoughts and develop a new and positive view on relationships and social contact; 

  • You will learn how to create a friendship with fear and with yourself; 

  • We will make a realistic and achievable plan to get over your social anxiety in steps and concrete action; 

  • You will get a lot of handy, practical tools that will help you transform anxiety into a feeling of calmness and security.

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